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Paystreak/Mervine Mining Claims

The mine claims include the famous Blue John Mine, Victor Mine, and the Paystreak Mine.  The property consists of 1,380 acres of Forest Service Mining Claims in the historical Walker Mining District. The small unincorporated community of Walker is 12 miles by paved road of Prescott, Az. The mine site is reached by traveling additional 2 miles west on gravel and dirt roads.

Several of the mines on the property have been producers in the past and the most notable being the Victor, Blue John, Curtis, King Pin and the Paystreak.

Mining activity began in 1883 in the Northern Bradshaw Mountains with the discovery of gold placers along Lynx Creek and in the Hassayampa River. Lynx Creek was one of the richest streams in the region for placer gold due to the number of gold-bearing veins near the granodiorite stocks (Lindgren, 1926). The creek was mined for many miles downstream from Walker. Most of the richer gravels were depleted by 1900. These claims lay with an enriched zone that starts in Old Mexico and passes through Quartzite then swings northeast through Wickenburg and continues into the Prescott National Forest and the district of Groom and Walker are in this mile wide enriched zone. In many of the mines where there are stopes and tunnels that go back into the mountain the ceilings look like the roof of an unfinished house because the veins resemble roof rafters there are so many of them. Next to these claims is the Senator mine and it was one of the richest mines in Arizona.

Blue John Mine

Paystreak Mine

Victor Mine

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